5 Ways You Are paying Too Much For Travel

Everyone loves a vacation, but how much money are you sacrificing for this treat? Chances are you’re spending more than you should on your much-needed time off! So, how can we cut down on our expenditures you say? Easy! Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service has you covered, with these 5 simple tips that will lessen the strain on your wallet this holiday season.


  1. Travelling on the weekend

Although it may be more convenient to travel on the weekend, it will set you back much more than if you were to book a flight mid-week. Try to fly mid-week and you will definitely see savings.


  1. Using Your credit Card to Withdraw Money

Using the same everyday credit card you use at home overseas is a sure fire way to lose valuable money. Foreign transactions and fees are notorious for being rather pricey, and will catch you off guard if you aren’t careful. The best ways to avoid this is to simply withdraw money whilst you’re still home and take cash with you. (Take credit card as a backup)


  1. Using Airport Currency Exchange

It is best to take cash with you, however when exchanging your money for local currency you should hold out until you have left the airport. As convenient as it may be, you often will not get the best conversion rate from airport currency exchange vendors.


  1. Buying Food at The Airport & On the Plane

Food at the airport can be and usually is quite expensive. Have a meal before you board the plane, and try to hold back on the in flight meals as they really can make a difference on your overall expenditures.


  1. Hiring Vehicles at The Airport

Hiring a vehicle at the airport without any preplanning can and most likely will cost you an absolute fortune. By booking before you leave, you can ensure you spend noticeably less on your ride.


Talking about saving money, book today with Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service Sydney and receive excellent service at a modest price. Follow our Facebook page here and stay up to date with the latest news and info. Happy holidays!