Airport Transfer Overview

Travel arrangements can be difficult for even the most experienced travellers. Sometimes one of the most difficult matters is simply arriving on time to the airport, which places a lot of unnecessary stress on an already stressful task. Do you drive yourself to the airport only to be met with ludicrous paring fees? Budge for an expensive cab ride? Maybe you rely on a family member to take you there? Depending on income and availability of friends/family these options can often be unreliable or not an option at all.

Airport transfers are available at most every airport in Australia and abroad, and are a widely underused asset. Airport shuttle services aren’t just a smarter way to travel because they’re more convenient and less stressful, they are also a far sight cheaper than every other mode of transport. (Such as taxi or driving yourself and paying a hefty parking fee)

Despite the obvious advantage in price, the real advantage is the ease of travel and convenience in general. Not only do you not have to stress about arriving on time, there is more than enough room for your luggage, and the driver will be more than happy to help you in any way possible to ensure that your trip is as comfortable as possible. If you are a first time traveller, taking an airport shuttle service will also be beneficial as the driver will have answers to the questions you may have, which can be a huge relief when you need quick answers.

Why Airport Shuttle is Better Than Private Car Hire

When you need to travel to and from the airport, there is no shortage of options out there for you. However private car hire tends to be the most popular form of transport due to the perception that it gives you more freedom and flexibility in what you can do. This may be true in certain regards, however there are also a lot of responsibilities and possible liabilities that also come with this option, which is something most people don’t stop to consider. This is a large part of the reasoning behind the recent shift in popularity towards airport shuttle services such as Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service. Since air travel by itself is already stressful enough, it’s easy to understand why customers would like the rest of their journey to be as peaceful and stress free as possible. Airport transfers making getting from A to B as stress free as possible, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing that all of your concerns are being dealt with by a professional. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why airport shuttle services could really benefit you.

You Wont Get Lost

If you decide to choose a car rental instead of a shuttle, chances are you may get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, especially if you are a first time visitor. Moreover, after a long flight chances are you will be feeling tired and maybe even a little bit disorientated, depending on how long your flight was. This cannot only be an annoyance, but could also contribute to a serious crash or incident, which could have been avoided. If you really want to avoid any unsafe situations or hassles, you’re best of taking a shuttle.

Petrol Is Expensive!

Petrol is expensive no matter where you go; it’s simply a cost you aren’t going to be able to avoid. One of the biggest drawbacks of this option is that the initial fee is not where the expenditures end; you are still going to have to pay for excessive amounts of fuel. You are also expected to fill the tank of the vehicle when you hand it back over, which is just another reason to choose an airport shuttle.

Avoid The Frustration

Let’s face it driving can be bloody frustrating. When you are in a place you don’t know full of road rules you may not be used to, this frustration can increase ten fold. With an airport transfer you can simply sit back, plug in your earphones, and enjoy the ride whilst your driver does all the hard work for you.


Aircraft navigation, how does it work?

The basic principles of navigation are almost identical to those of general land based navigation. This includes the process of planning, recording, and controlling movement of the chosen craft from one area to another.

Successful air navigation means piloting an aircraft from one destination to another without becoming lost, or veering from the chosen path (as well as ensuring the safety of ones self and passengers(s) is never compromised during this timespan). Air navigation differs majorly from traditional navigation in a few ways. These include but are not limited to the inability to become stationary and wait for rescue/assistance, there is no in-flight rescue, and a constant state of awareness must be maintained in order to safely maintain trajectory and reach ones plotted destination.

Techniques used for navigating differ depending upon the situation the pilot is in. The pilot can either be flying under visual flight rules (VFR) or instrument flight rules. (IFR) If the pilot is operating under IFR, then he/she will be flying using solely instruments with some assistance from radio navigation aids. (Beacons, radars)

To much to remember? Why not leave the flying to the professionals and book an airport shuttle today with one of Sydney’s best airport shuttle services! If you’re looking for a reliable driver at a modest price, Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service is the one for you.

Experience the Convenience of Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service

Don’t you think it would be a great experience to have someone come to you at the airport or at home when planning an airport trip? There is no need for you to drag all your luggage to the car or taxi waiting area at the airport. Don’t wait in a long line until it’s your time to ride, simply walk outside and your driver will be waiting to tend to your every need! No struggle, no hassle, just smooth sailing with Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service. You can experience this gold class experience if you book your shuttle service with us!


With the customer’s convenience and satisfaction always in mind, you can book our shuttle service to transport you according to your listed date and time. So why not enjoy the comforts of our air-conditioned Nissan Elgrand with luxurious leather captain chairs, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. We also cater for babies and young children, having the proper child seats available upon request.


Let us take the hassle out of getting you to and from your destination, removing the stress on time, allowing you to relax and think about the things that really matter.


To make a booking with Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service head to our booking page and enter your details. We hope to see you soon!


5 Ways You Are paying Too Much For Travel

Everyone loves a vacation, but how much money are you sacrificing for this treat? Chances are you’re spending more than you should on your much-needed time off! So, how can we cut down on our expenditures you say? Easy! Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service has you covered, with these 5 simple tips that will lessen the strain on your wallet this holiday season.


  1. Travelling on the weekend

Although it may be more convenient to travel on the weekend, it will set you back much more than if you were to book a flight mid-week. Try to fly mid-week and you will definitely see savings.


  1. Using Your credit Card to Withdraw Money

Using the same everyday credit card you use at home overseas is a sure fire way to lose valuable money. Foreign transactions and fees are notorious for being rather pricey, and will catch you off guard if you aren’t careful. The best ways to avoid this is to simply withdraw money whilst you’re still home and take cash with you. (Take credit card as a backup)


  1. Using Airport Currency Exchange

It is best to take cash with you, however when exchanging your money for local currency you should hold out until you have left the airport. As convenient as it may be, you often will not get the best conversion rate from airport currency exchange vendors.


  1. Buying Food at The Airport & On the Plane

Food at the airport can be and usually is quite expensive. Have a meal before you board the plane, and try to hold back on the in flight meals as they really can make a difference on your overall expenditures.


  1. Hiring Vehicles at The Airport

Hiring a vehicle at the airport without any preplanning can and most likely will cost you an absolute fortune. By booking before you leave, you can ensure you spend noticeably less on your ride.


Talking about saving money, book today with Ned’s Airport Shuttle Service Sydney and receive excellent service at a modest price. Follow our Facebook page here and stay up to date with the latest news and info. Happy holidays!